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5 Ideas About Handmade Accessories


I adore handmade accessories. They are unique, not mass-produced and most time you can ask for a special edition such as color. But did you ever thought about creating it yourself instead of buying? If you are very creative and handy, you can give it a try yourself. In this blog, I tell you all about the 5 ideas about handmade accessories that ain’t that hard to create!

1. Bracelets with elastic bands/fiber

Do you love bracelets? I do! Creating them myself, to be honest. And even with the lowest inspiration or 2 left hands, you can create something awesome. Using only elastic bands in all kinds of colors, ty a knot and voila… bracelet! And when your hair gets in the way on a windy day, it will do as an elastic hairband to keep your ponytail in place.

2. Scrunchies

A new accessory that might come in hand later, is the scrunchie. They look lovely around your wrist and will keep your hair together when going outside. They are very easily made. Buy some normal elastic bands you normally use for your hair. Buy some awesome fabric with colors, patterns, lama’s… be creative! If you don’t or a sewing machine, try your mom’s or grandmother. Otherwise, you can do it just by hand. Cut a piece of fabric that is 2 a 3 times the stretch out size of the elastic band. Start sewing the fabric around the elastic band and voila; scrunchie!

3. Heart keychain hangers

Want to try out some crochet? The simplest pattern is the heart keychain. It contains 1 row and 1 row only. What do you need? A crochet hook, some t-shirt yarn/ribbon yarn and you need to know what a Double Crochet stitch & half double crochet stitch is and a Magic Ring. Nothing more! She will explain to you in the video, don’t worry. Want to know how, check out this video and be amazed at how easy it is!

4. Macrame fishtail keychain

Tried out the heart? I have another one for you. A fishtail keychain with macrame yarn. A little bit harder but if you follow the video, it will all be alright. Get yourself some macrame cored, an empty keychain ring, and let’s get started!

Macrame fish tails

5. Easy scarfs

When the weather is going up and down in temperature, you might find a scarf that suits you well. You can stroll the internet, shop at your local mall, or… create your own! Buy some sweet fabric and let’s get to work. How easy it is, you’ll see here in this video.

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