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Cute Letter Decoration

Cute Letter Decoration

Have you ever spotted those cute crochet letters in a child’s room? Recently I found some very cute and most of all awesome letter decorations on Pinterest. Today I’m gonna share them with you and so be honest; they ain’t too hard to reproduce! Let’s get started.

Easy letter patterns

Creating letters isn’t that hard. Just pick out a letter you need, draw something on a piece of paper and start crocheting. Can’t do much wrong. But, for those who want to start right away, here is a simple tutorial that contains all the letters of the alphabet. Check out this easy tutorial by HappyBerry. These letters are flat, but you can easily make them ‘bold’ by creating a front, back, and side.

Ravelry: 3D LETTER pattern by CAROcreated design

Amigurumi letters

If you want something special, you can always create some amigurumi letters. Like the picture above. Add a little star, some animals, and the names come to life. And besides that; it is super cute! Want some bigger letters with stuffing? Check out this video by The Crochet Crowd.

So are you ready for some letters? Just search the web for more impressions on how to make cute letters for your kids’ bedroom. Create some pillows, name tags, and more.

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