All about the Peyote With A Twist not Crochet technique

All about the Peyote With A Twist not Crochet technique

When creating jewelry there are many techniques you can use. Today I want to talk to you about the Peyote With A Twist Not Crochet technique. This technique is quite new so you might not have heard of it before. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and start reading from here.

This new technique is found by Gerlinde Lenz, a sweet woman from Germany. She started out with a regular Peyote pattern en bend it over to create a rope. The Peyote with a twist – not crochet, or in short PWAT, was born. If you are familiar with regular beads crochet already, this technique may not be for you. But if you are struggling to get a crochet rope and therefore not succeed, I advise you to try this PWAT technique. The result is almost the same are a crochet rope but way easier if you’re having a hard time with crocheting.

How does it work

When using the regular beads crochet technique, you know that you have to string all the beads first before you can begin. With PWAT this is different. You start out with a regular Peyote pattern and after 11 rows you bend the ends together, creating a loophole. With every new row, you add the beads are normal peyote, the only difference is that the bracelet will be created as a rope from here on.

By adding the beads one by one it is much easier to handle than a crochet rope as you need to understand the ‘crochet technique’ first before going a bit further by using beads. Working with the PWAT technique doesn’t require such skills and therefore it is easier to create a rope bracelet in the PWAT manner than the crochet one.

Just search online for Peyote with twist video tutorials. It is really easy and once you get the hang of it, if becomes more fun with every bracelet you create.

Patterns and converting

As there are awesome crochet rope patterns on the internet and less PWAT patterns, there is a trick to use them anyways. How? Converting a regular crochet rope pattern into a PWAT pattern. I hear you thinking: ‘Like, huh, how?’ right? Well, it is pretty easy when you see the bigger picture.

This is how

You have to see the PWAT pattern as a paper towel roll. When folding it out this is what a PWAT does. By sticking the ends together, you create a loop. And when adding beads to it in a normal peyote manner, you are forming a spiral to create a rope bracelet. But how does this apply to a beads crochet pattern as that one is going round and round? A crochet pattern for beads is nothing more than stacking the beads on top of each other. When converting this to a peyote pattern, you do the same thing but you add the beads one by one with a needle instead of a crochet hook.


If you want to convert a regular crochet rope pattern, you need to transit this pattern into a beads pattern tool, like BeadsTool4. You need to create the same pattern in a peyote manner and that takes some time. The best way is to start by yourself a PWAT pattern, that is much easier than to convert one but it is possible. If you want to do so, the best is to join the PWAT group on Facebook. Here you can ask Gerlinde herself for information and more.

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