Color charts to create your own color scheme

Color charts to create your own color scheme

Miyuki uploaded a bunch of color schemes on their website which you can find here. You can open de charts through the application they provided. If you want to create a color scheme by hand, you can simply look up some colors you love and create it by writing down the color DB code – which stands for Delica Bead. But what if you have a pattern or photo and need the beads matching these colors?

How to create a color scheme

There are several ways to create a color scheme. I want to talk about two of them today. Please remind that when not using a beadstool program, you need to do more then just select the colors and give it a go. You can start by looking up ‘ImageColorPicker‘ in your browser and upload the photo or pattern you want to use. Pick every color you love and hold it next to the color charts on the Miyuki website. It is a bit more work but it can keep you going creating awesome pattern that are just a look-a-like of an existing pattern.

You can use some simple tricks to create your own color scheme by using the internet instead.

The second methode you can use is the other way around. Create a color scheme yourself by using the ‘Coolors’ and match the colors you have chosen to the colors on the Miyuki color chart. Always keep in mind that the beads can look a bit different and also how they are made. When picking out a transparent mint for sample, you can see the color laying underneath it such as your skin when wearing it. Also metallic colors are more sparkling then matt colors and so on.

If you have another methode for picking out colors and to create something awesome with it, let me know!

Colors and pattern

The roll on bracelets come in all various colors and patterns. Some have an solid color as others have more than 7 or 8 colors. The patterns are endless and you can use different colors for each project even when the pattern is the same. You can also use Miyuki Delica or ToHo treasures for a change. This will change the way the bracelet looks as the beads are more square then round.

Check out our bangle bracelets in our shop. If you wish for different colors, just let us know! We would love to help you with a matching bracelet.

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