How to use Miyuki Delica beads in a beads crochet bracelet

How to use Miyuki Delica beads in a beads crochet bracelet

Most people swear by using only rocaille beads for beads crochet project. But when looking online, you’ll find a lot of Rusian designers using Miyuki Delica beads. So what about that? How to use Miyuki Delica beads in a beads crochet bracelet? If you want to try this out for a change, read this how-to as it ain’t that easy. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

I created a lot of beads crochet bracelets and even I thought that rocaille beads were the only ones to use. Rocaille beads are round and will line up much easier than Delica’s will do. I tried to crochet with delica’s once, it didn’t work out. Thought it wasn’t possible and let it be. Until I noticed beautiful designs on Pinterest by a Russian girl using Delica’s in her bracelets. I was stunned… how could this be?!

Asking on multiple Facebook groups, I got to learn more about using Rocaille and using Delica. The pros and cons of Delica and what you need to know. The principles of using Miyuki Delica beads are easy: beautiful for peyote and loom bracelets and not to for beads crochet. But how about all of those Russian and Turkish creators using Delica’s for their projects? Well, in fact, you can do beads crochet with Delica’s. But you can’t just start right away with any kind of pattern nor size of the bracelet. It all comes down to this: how many beads there are in 1 row.

The bigger the better

Delica beads are square. Yes, they are round but when lining them up, they form a perfect square design. That’s why they are so good for using in loom or peyote work. But what about the beads crochet? I tried to use the beads in a tiny beads crochet bracelet of only 9 beads wide and that didn’t work out. It was too tight, couldn’t move my crochet hook after a couple of rounds. The whole thing didn’t even bend and I stopped.

If you use Delica’s for a project, remember to work a bigger pattern than you normally do. Use a pattern that is at least 13 or more beads in one row. Yes, it takes a hell of a time getting the pattern onto your thread, but it is so worth it. If you really want to work out a pattern with 8 or 12 beads in a row, use 15/0 Miyuki beads instead.

Difference in look

The difference between a finished piece with rocaille versus Delica is something amazing. As the rocaille bracelet will bend as easily as the Delica one, the look is completely different. The Delica’s give the piece a fascinating look and feel. That is might be very expensive and hard to create. The rocaille beads give the bracelet a soft and sweet look.

Whatever bead you choose, remember to check the size of your beads and the wideness of your project.

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