New hit: the Roll On Bracelet

New hit: the Roll On Bracelet

Maybe you have seen them online; the roll on bracelet. A super cute bracelet which you can easily roll over your wrist. Fun for festivals, a beach party, summer days and more. Want to know more about the roll on bracelets? Keep reading.

The roll-on bracelet is made out of seed beads, best known as Rocaille seed beads by Toho or Miyuki. The beads are strung up on a thread and then crocheted around as a beads rope bracelet. The ends of the rope are tight together to form a solid bracelet with no end nor beginning. By using a cotton thread, the beads can slightly move around when rolling the bracelet over your wrist.

The beads that are used are mostly 8/0 sized, which is around 3 mm with a hole of about 1.2 mm. The bracelets can also be created with a smaller bead, the 11/0 seed bead which is around 2 mm wide with a 1 mm hole. By using Toho or Miyuki seed beads, the beads are even of size in the pattern which will form a nice spiral. If you use normal rocailles, the beads won’t lay flat on top of easy other and holes will appear as one bead is bigger than the other. By using Toho or Miyuki, you can avoid these caps in your bead’s work.

Colors and pattern

The roll-on bracelets come in all various colors and patterns. Some have a solid color as others have more than 7 or 8 colors. The patterns are endless and you can use different colors for each project even when the pattern is the same. You can also use Miyuki Delica or Toho treasures for a change. This will change the way the bracelet looks as the beads are more square than round.

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