Preciosa Ornela Beads for crochet projects

Preciosa Ornela Beads for crochet projects

When creating a beads crochet rope bracelet or neckless, most times Miyuki rocailles or Toho rocailles are used. Online I found some awesome beads to experiment with named Preciosa Ornela. The beads are from the Czech Republic and made of glass. The colors are so bright and much affordable than Miyuki or Toho. Want to know more? Keep reading.

When scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across some rope bracelets using Preciosa Ornela beads. I was stunned by the look of the bracelets and the colors of the beads. Searching online gave me some awesome insides. There is a whole ranch of colors, sizes, and even different kinds of beads for complete projects. Not only rocailles but also triangles, cubes, candy beads, and more.

PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. is part of the Preciosa Group and is one of the world’s most significant producers of a wide range of glass products made from glass rods and lampworking rods, technical and utility glass and all types of glass seed beads and beads.

Price versus Amount

Most projects I create are with Miyuki Delica and Miyuki Rocaille. Back in the day when I first began creating jewelry, I found that Miyuki Beads were the best to use. The beads are cylinders and even in size when using Delica. Now, when being busy with jewelry for almost 3 years now, I also learned to look further than Miyuki alone. That’s how I came to order Preciosa Ornela just to try it out on some ropes. A whole new world just opened up for me!

About the price

The price is lower compared to Miyuki Rocaille. When the price of Miyuki Rocaille 8/0 starts around € 3,- for a small back of 25 grams, Preciosa Ornela 8/0 starts around € 2 for 50 grams. So twice as much! I know the color ranch of Miyuki is higher, but the beads that I found of Preciosa are good for a small project with fewer colors.

Where to buy

All this talk about Preciosa Ornela beads makes you wonder where to buy them, right? Well, you can buy them online at or in The Netherlands known as ‘betaalbarekralen‘.  Just search for Preciosa Ornela online and you’ll be fine to find some shops near you or shops that sell them online.

Have fun with your upcoming projects with these beads! If you have questions, just send a comment beneath this post!

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