Special Pen Cover Patterns for the Pilot G2

Special Pen Cover Patterns for the Pilot G2

When typing is the most common thing nowadays, sometimes you just need a pen. And let’s be honest; most Pilot G2 pens are dull. Right? Just one color, nothing special about them. Well, let’s change that by creating special pen cover patterns for the Pilot G2.

I know for sure that you also have a kitchen drawer full with normal pencils that work, but are not fancy in any way possible. Pencils with a logo, name of a company of just plain blue. Let’s pimp up this drawer so that it is fun when taking out a pen to write with!

A new hype, if you want to call it that way, is to add a cute cover to a Pilot G2 pencil. This pen has the perfect lining for a beautiful Miyuki Delica pattern, which gives your pen the perfect look. The patterns are easy to create, don’t take too long, and not many beads are needed.

How to work the pattern

Creating a pattern for a Pilot G2 pencil ain’t that difficult. You just need to know the number of rows and columns for the project. Go get you started, a Pilot G2 pattern has 46 column and 21 rows. Remember that you create the pattern sideways. So, when adding let’s say a tree, you need to design it sideways. When the pen is standing up, the tree will be standing up as well.

Another design note: when creating lines across, make sure they will line up on the other side as well. Otherwise, the design will be cut off on both ends and they don’t match to make it whole. Make sure you join them on both ends to make an infinity pattern.

Create your own

Are you ready for creating your own pattern? The image below is the total number of rows and columns needed for the project. Grab some colors and start your own pattern. You can always buy a finished pattern if you want to make a quick start with beading. You can find my patterns in my Etsy shop, otherwise: good luck with creating your own pattern!

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