What are Miyuki Beads

What are Miyuki Beads

Maybe you have seen them online; the roll-on bracelet. A super cute bracelet that you can easily rollover your wrist. Fun for festivals, a beach party, summer days, and more. Want to know more about the roll-on bracelets? Keep reading.

Most times Delica beads are used in peyote and square stitched project just as bracelets, rings and earrings. Because the beads are all the same, the pattern will look amazing and will always be straight in lines. The seed beads are also equal in width and height but have a more round structure. These beads are mostly used in crochet work such as bracelets and for neckless. These beads form a round structure and can be set easily on top of each other in rounds.

Other Miyuki beads

As Delica and Seed are the most popular, Miyuki has more beads to offer. You can get the following beads: Delica, Seed, Rocaille, Hexicon, Tila Half, Tila, Bugle Twist, Bugle Slender, Bugle, Cubes, Triangle, Spacer, Magatama, Delica Fringe, Delica Hex, Sharp Triangles, Quarter Tila, Rectangle, Pearl Cabochons, and cotton pearls.

Every bead is available in its own colors but some colors have crossed over matches. There is a lot of double colors between Delica and Seed. Most Seed bead colors are also available for Delica beads. This way you can create whole collections using the same colors but different beads for your projects.

Bead Sizes

The beads are available in different sizes. As this is not specific writing down, below is a translation list of the size of the bead and the corresponding number on the package.

15/0 = 1mm beads
11/0 = 2mm beads
8/0 = 3mm beads
6/0 = 4mm beads

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