How to create a Double Spiral bracelet

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How to create a Double Spiral bracelet

Double spiral bracelet

Last year I created the double string bracelet for a friend. She still wears it with much love. The double string bracelet is made by Jill Wiseman. A lovely lady who can create beautiful masterpieces. And besides that: she can explain things like no other. Her videos are brilliant, easy to follow and you can reach her if you have questions.

What is a Double Spiral Bracelet?

With the double spiral, like the title already explains, you work with two strings at the same time. You can also create a single spiral bracelet. Same technique, but with one ‘string’. With the double spiral, two strings will spiral around each other which creates an awesome effect.

How do you do it?

To create a double spiral bracelet, just watch Jill and follow her step-by-step tutorial. From a certain point on, you can work your round for completing the bracelet. I created the bracelet in black and white. But also in orange and beige with green Swarovski beads in the middle.


What do you need? Well; beads, wire, needle, and end-pieces. I used Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads, but you can use every bead that comes to mind. You can use smaller beads, or start small and end big. All those kinds of things. You work in separate rows when picking up beads. So no stringing of beads needed. You can go as you please. When done, you can use small end-caps or attach a ring on both ends with a clasp. There are multiple ways to end the bracelet.

And now what?

Start following the video of Jill and be amazed by the end result.

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